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    Liquid Bandage 8g

      Product Specification: 8g
      Product Registration Certificate:20180123
      Technical Principle:
      1. Appearance is transparent, uniform texture, clean and free of impurities
      2. PH value is 5-8
      Major Active Ingredients: Waterborne polyurethane, ethanol
      Structure Principle: By forming a protective layer on the wound surface, it acts as a physical barrier.
      Application: For superficial wounds such as small wounds, abrasions, cutting wounds and surrounding skin.
      Contraindication: Large and deep wound; wound deterioration, such as erosion, pyosis, etc.
      1. Only for external
      2. It is forbidden to use on non-small wounds, abrasions, cutting wounds, etc.
      3. This product should be avoided direct contact with eyes
      4. Do not use this product with topical antibiotics or other topical skin medicines
      5. Do not use if the packaging is damaged
      6. Prohibited use of expired products
      7. It is normal that there is a short-term irritation when applied. It will not affect normal use
      8. Please immediately stop using and consult the doctor if skin allergy occurred.
      Instruction: Before using this product, please clean the wound, disinfect the wound and its surroundings; apply the product to superficial wounds such as small wounds, abrasions, cutting wounds and surrounding skin, and quickly form a film under the action of body temperature.
      Storage: This product should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, and clean environment. This product should be protected from extrusion, direct sunlight, and snow and rain during transportation.
      Product shelf life: 3 years


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