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    Disposable Catheter Fixer (Set)

      Product name: Disposable catheter fixer
      Product description: This product is composed of urethral catheter fixing device, Y-shaped fixing Velcro and socks. It is used to fix the urinary catheter and keep the legs warm after the operation of the child, to prevent the urinary catheter from being squeezed and unable to be used normally due to the active children’s movement, to prevent the wounds from tearing and affecting the wound healing.
      1. Please wear socks on children's legs normally.
      2. Place 6/8/10/12 Fr specifications of the catheter in the catheter fixing device in turn.
      3. After adjusting the position, press the dot on the cover of the catheter holder device and gently close the cover.
      4. Stick the urinary catheter and the fixing device together in the proper position of the sock Velcro.
      5. According to the icon, the distance between the top of the urinary catheter urinary opening and the catheter fixing device is preferably 1.5-2cm, and the urinary outlet of the urinary catheter is fixed with a Y-shaped fixed Velcro.
      6. After completing the above steps, you can use the product normally.
      Notes: Keep the related accessories away from children. Otherwise children may swallow the accessories and cause suffocation, block the esophagus and other injuries.


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