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    Disposable Medical Laser Fiber

      Product model: MDLF-147-6, MDLF-147-7
      Product Registration Certificate: 20192010517
      Product specification: 600um 2M, 600um 3M
      Structure& Composition: The disposable medical laser fiber is composed of three parts: a connector, an optical fiber transmission body, and a treatment head. The connector interface is SMA905.
      In medical institutions, this product is used in conjunction with lasers to transmit laser energy for laser surgery. The laser output laser wavelength is 1470nm, the interface is SMA905 standard interface, and the power range is 0-12W.
      1. Take the product out of the sterilized packaging. When taking out the product, the user must use sterilized surgical gloves to take it out and observe whether there is any damage to the optical fiber treatment head. If it is damaged, it is forbidden to use it. Place the fiber optic catheter in a disinfected place to avoid falling.
      2. Remove the protective cap of the connector, rotate the connector to the output interface of the laser, and tighten it firmly. First turn on the indicator light to detect whether there is any internal breakage in the fiber. If not, place the fiber accurately in the surgery Part. Start the laser to emit a laser beam, and the medical laser fiber can be used.
      Notes & Warning:
      1. Not for other non-specified purposes.
      2. This product is a one-time use product, no repeated sterilization and secondary use.
      3. The product is a medical device sterilized by ethylene oxide. If the product packaging is damaged, it must not be used.
      4. The product must not be used after its shelf life.


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