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    Disposable Negative Pressure Drainage Dressing

      Product Specification: Type I-PVA, Type II-PVA, Type I-PU, Type II-PU
      Product Structure: Disposable negative pressure drainage suction cup (large suction cup, five cavity & seven cavity), disposable negative pressure drainage extension tube, polyvinyl alcohol sponge (PVA), polyurethane sponge (PU), biological semipermeable membrane, tee connector
      Side suction multi-chamber negative pressure drainage suction cup technology: Side suction cup technology (SO, M.TNPWT) is composed of a unique side suction multi-cavity negative pressure drainage suction cup developed by Weihai Medison Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., combined with Intelligent Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device monitors and adjusts the negative pressure at the wound site to ensure that the best therapeutic effect is maintained.
      Product Feature(S.O.M.T NPW):
      1. Distribute the external pressure evenly to minimize the stimulation of the wound surface and maximize the negative pressure drainage effect.
      2. It is helpful to reduce the blockage and false alarm of the pipe.
      3. The combined part with the drainage tube is set on the side of the suction cup, completely changing the previous placement position of the drainage tube.
      4. Multiple independent pipelines are arranged side by side, completely changing the previous drainage method of single-lumen tube.
      5. The drainage line and the injection line are independent of each other, which avoids the contamination of the drug solution by the exudates when the single cavity is shared.
      6. The drainage pipeline and the medicine injection pipeline are distributed side by side, effectively using the space, and the doctor's operation is more convenient.
      7. The cleaning and drainage of the wound surface can be performed at the same time, and the wound surface recovers more quickly.
      Polyvinyl alcohol & polyurethane sponge dressing:
      1. Anti-adhesion materials can help improve the survival rate of the flap and make the patient feel more comfortable when changing the dressing.
      2. The soft material can be used to fill deep and irregular contour wounds.
      3. Improve the blood circulation of the wound surface and promote the growth of granulation tissue.
      4. The 400-600 micron opening structure makes the negative pressure evenly distributed on the wound surface.
      5. The hydrophobic structure is more conducive to the removal of liquid leakage.
      6. The dressing has a variety of shapes and sizes, which can be selected for various wounds.
      Biological semi-permeable membrane:
      1. Simple operation and convenient use.
      2. It is breathable and moisturizing, and at the same time, it can isolate external bacteria from invading.
      Product Description: This product needs to be used in conjunction with the intelligent negative pressure therapy device developed by our company. Under the effect of the intelligent negative pressure therapy device, a closed drainage system is formed. During negative pressure treatment, the drainage on the inner bottom surface of the suction cup will attract the exudates from the wound surface in time. At the same time, the wound can be cleaned through the syringe extension tube, which has fast healing and low infection rate.
      Trauma, Orthopedics: various soft tissue injuries, avulsions; open fractures; chronic osteomyelitis with wounds that do not heal for a long time; osteofascial compartment syndrome.
      Burns: Various burn wounds in the early / acute period.
      General surgery: acute severe pancreatitis; various preventive drainages in the abdominal cavity; drainage of the perineal wounds, etc.
      Venous ulcers: skin grafts and flaps.
      Contraindication: Unclean wound/ wounds with necrotic eschar; wounds with tumor tissue; sinus tracts same as organs; wounds with large blood vessels or exposed organs.


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